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Welcome to The Art Of... Academy

The Art Of... Academy is part of The Rantings Network, founded in 2010 by Valerie Rayne
At The Art Of... Academy, readers are encouraged to register for free to participate in a variety of courses that will educate and inform them about sexuality, BDSM and fetishes. Each course includes a variety of lessons, daily activities and personalized instruction. For those who are not interested in registering for a course, you are welcome to follow selected lessons on The Art Of...

The Art Of... Academy Mission Statement

The Art Of... Academy is dedicated to providing quality educational content involving sexuality, BDSM and fetishes. The content on The Art Of... Academy is intended to:

  • Provide participants with a better understanding of human sexuality
  • Assist participants in defining their own sexuality
  • Support participants on their path towards self-defined sexual enlightenment


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